General Server Rules 
 -  No hacking or glitching of any kind. 
 -  Do not disrespect admins or players. 
 -  Follow admin direction in game. 
 -  No racism of any kind will be tolerated. 
 -  No saying you or anybody else hacks in the server chat. Any issues bring it to teamspeak. 
 -  Do not combat log. 
 -  Do not troll, this includes side chat and Team Speak. 
 -  Do not argue in side chat, take it to Team Speak. 
    If there is an issue you need resolved, side chat is not the place to have the conversation. 
 -  Do not destroy locked vehicle. 
Safe Zone Rules – Purple Circles on the Map  
  -  Do not kill or shoot anyone in safe zones. 
  -  Do not follow anyone out of a safe zone with the intent to kill. 
  -  Do not camp safe zones, waiting for people to leave. 
  -  Do not steal vehicles or items from vehicles. 
  -  Do not steal a players gear left on the ground from a death, they may be coming back to get it. 
  -  Once you are outside the purple circle safezone, you are on your own.
  -  The safezone is not a permanent car park. 
Base Rules 
 -  Do not glitch into bases. 
 -  Each group can only own 1 base locations. 
     This applies to all players in the group and disallows individuals from setting up individual bases when        grouped.  
      If multiple bases are found they will deleting!
 -  Do not replace a player’s frequency jammer.  
      Raid the base and move along. 
 -  Do not camp a player’s base for more than one server restart (3 hours).  
      This includes individuals of a group and/or the entire group. 
 -  Do not offline baseraid. 
 -  Do not build on roads
 -  Don´t build under 650 m far away from traders. 
Vehicle Rules 
  -  Do not use vehicles as bombs.  
     This includes dropping vehicles from choppers, base kamikaze or blowing up vehicles next to bases. 
  -  NO kamikaze of any kind allowed on the server. 
  -  Do not steal vehicles in safe zones 
  -  Do not hoard vehicles.  
     Per group a maximum of 15 vehicles. (5 at Malden)
     If you have more than that, they will get deleted! 
  -  Do not make Roadkill. 
Orange dots on map are either shipwrecks or containers 
The Large purple Markers are Safezones 
Press F4 to put your earplugs in 

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